The Havlick’s are nice people to deal with

It’s definitely worth the short trip to Mayfield to check out Havlick. Their shop is right on Rt 30 just north of the 30A intersection.
( We have closed the brick and mortar shop and are selling exclusively online now)
They still had some wood shoes in stock when I was there last March but they don’t make them anymore.

I bought a pair of their Whiteface shoes late last season and have not used them yet so I can’t comment on their performance but they will be tested this winter.

Their prices on aluminum shoes are very competitive with the well-known brands.

All their sales are from the shop. They don’t resell to retailers. When I buy a product, I think it’s nice knowing that the people making a profit are the people who did the work not some not some fancy Exhorbitant Markup Superstore in a glitzy mall. Rant off.

The Havlick’s are nice people to deal with.