I own two pairs

I own two pairs – 30 inches and 36 inches. The smaller pair has the lace bindings, the larger one a better binding with nylon straps. I am a big guy – close to 275 with pack on in the winter, and have had no trouble with these.

They have the rotating toe with crampons in the front, and crampons under the heel. I am not a big winter hiker, so I can’t tell you how they would be in the Peaks. I have worn them in the Pine Bush, going up Goodnow in February, and from the Castle to the Summit on Whiteface last March. On the latter hike, on the conditions that day, I was ok, but would have been better off with crampons, which my friend used. I have also used them on the snow shoe trails at Lapland Lake, at albany muni golf course, and in the Schenectady Nature Preserve.

They have been fine for what I used them for, and the people were nice there. Scoutmaster Tom got some metal screw on claws there for his wooden snow shoes and liked them just fine. They also reconditioned an old pair of wooden snow shoes for my brother-in-law and did a good job with that.

I bought my shoes several years ago as “last year’s” model, and got them half price, for about $100. The 30 inch pair was a little cheaper.

They seem to have a wide selection, have been in business a while, and have treated me well. I hope this helps.

Combine a trip there with a day xcountry skiing at Lapland Lake, or a backcountry ski on the Northville Lake Placid Trail from Benson to Rock Lake for a great day out!