I have some experience with Havlicks snowshoes

I have some experience with Havlicks snowshoes.I purchased a pair of 10″ x 36″ neoprene/wood constructed ones about 11 or 12 years ago….They are virtually unbreakable.

I`ve use them about a dozen or more times a year.They get me out on a frozen lake for ice-fishing when we get alot of snow.I use them on trails in the Saratoga Battlefield for weekly workouts.

They are still in great shape.The bindings are made of a very strong thick rubber and the only aging on them is the teeth on strapbuckles.hey need to be resharpened.

The only thing that may be a negative is they can get heavy as the day goes on.Havlicks do offer a new version of their own,wich are built from aluminum and are alot lighter.Like Tubbs.If you want to check them out they have a website
Good luck,wildbrookies